Thursday, July 21, 2011

...and the missing golf pics!

@ Mark!

  2nd Annual Venture to Swope Park.   Animals seen: a Fawn, a Raccoon w a broken leg, Rabbits, Hawks.  ....notice how I didn't mention BIRDIES?! haha

Friday, July 15, 2011

Thai Basil Calamari Stir Fry ...and golf

 Cutting Celery, Thai Basil, Pepper.

Now the steps to an Awesome stir fry!! I didn't start the photos until after prep was done, but here's the saute steps:  

1. warm steel pan with Grape Seed Oil -healthy, no flavors to impart.
2. Throw in Jalepenos.  Cook em hard, so they taste roasted and the seeds infuse the oil w spiciness!
3. Throw in Onion and Bell Pepper.
4. Get nice and golden (onions) or roasted (peppers)....
 Set aside.

5. Add just a little more oil, and throw in the Zucchini.
6. Add Thai Basil flower buds -very aromatic and herbal

 Set Aside.

7.  Add Choy Sum (Hearts of Bok Choy)
8. Cover and steam for a few minutes.  Don't over do, cuz it will be mushy.  The Choy Sum will release liquids that will loosen the oils and flavor from the pan, then re-absorb it tastes super awesome.
 Set Aside.  
 ^^ This is the 'set aside plate'  ...looks good, eh?!
 Calamari -from China Market.  They come whole, so you have to cut.  Do so however.
 9.  Add a little more oil to pan, then throw in Calamari.  Just after you do so, throw in Minced Garlic.   Let cook.  The squids will relese some liquid, and it will get saucey -which is a good thing, keeps it tender! 
10.  When it's getting 1/2 cooked to you liking, throw in the Thai Basil (fresh from garden, this is).  
11. Dash with 5-grain soy and a little fish sauce.
12. Squeeze Lime to taste.

 13. Drain sauce, and use for later.
 14. Combine all ingredients.  Be careful not to cook together, as you do not want flavors to combine.  Instead, just heat it up.
 Artsy pic w mangoes and soy-fish sauce mix
15.  Put on bed of steamed jasmine rice (I also threw in some Celery leaves for a twist)
16. Drizzle with sauce from above.
17. Garnish, and serve

Monday, July 11, 2011

Sunflowers, and Coffee

This was the kickoff for the Revocup Foundation.  Super amazing, changing the world.  Below are a few pics from the Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony.  

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tomato & Sunflowers

Below is the sequence of blooming events for the all happened over the weekend, like the fireworks, this sunflower has exploded and shown its summery colors.