Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fixie, Futball, Beer and Garden

KMS Crew Family Reunion, KCMO 2011

Sporting KC vs. Vancouver Match.    KC won.
 Snowpapacolypse Cream Ale, 2011.  Made by Will & Shane of the Disorder Crew....and it was Amazing!

 ^1st goal confetti

Garden pics from this mornign.....can't believe how wild and untamed the Tom's are!

 Sunflowers -about 5ft tall now, and about to pop!


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Garden Mojito!

 Best. Mojitos. EVER.  The Colonel Kentucky Mint is amazing!

This is  one of many little tom's now.  This biggest of which is larger than a ping pong ball.

 I had to share a pics of the nachos: Carmelized Cumin onions, Black beans, Corn, Asiago, Cheddar, Carnitas.

I was messing with the color exposure on this one....

Have a great day...more updates soon!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tomatoes be creepin...

Here in KC we've had some serious serious storms.  Crazy lightening, thunder, rain...and I guess it is what the plants needed.  The first tomatoes have begun to grow!  It is actually the Iraqi varietal, Baswara

 First, I had to secure one for the plants - - about 3 feet taller than the cage.  I used a vine again.

 ^I like this one
 These are going to be tomatoes in  a month...
 This is the Anise Hyssop plant.  ..the leaves smell like licorice, but I'm not quite sure what to do with it.  I'm thinking in a sauce would be good....probably a cream sauce.
 Sunflowers, getting GIANT!

This is my potted Cala Lilly - can't wait for it to's going to be purple and white.

Have a great day!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The 1st meal using garden flavors, and transplanting.

I have to say, this garden is awesome!  I haven't gotten many fruits yet, but the plants are huge!  And, the herbs are killlllin it!  So much so, that I had to utilize them in a meal the other night.   I picked up some zuchinni, a bell pepper, one jalepeno and an onion.  I joined those up with some mock abalone and brown rice, and it was pretty amazing:

 Greek Oregeno. Jamacian Spicy Rosemary. Lemon Thyme.

 Onions, sauteed -not quite caramelized, and set aside.  (a technique picked up from Mrs. Cosmic @ Make sure to check out all of her fabulous recipes!) 

This is  Mock Abalone, with sauteed Bell Pepper, Jelepeno and Garlic.  It has a dash of 5-Grain Soy (which is unreal -smells and tastes almost like Guiness or something, and has a beautiful dark, dark red hue).

I'll take a photo of my pepper technique another time, but basically get a steel pan hot hot hot with a good coating of Grape Seed oil.  Then, put in the peppers..Let them cook!  I mean cook!  It's extra fantastic if they burn a  little bit, imparts a superb roasted pepper flavor!  When they are nice and done throw in the Mock Meat and garlic.  *oh, there is a sprinkling of cashews, too!

Brown Rice
Zuchinni, onion -which I added to the Zuch when it was almost done, and the herbs!

Bomb Apatite

NOW, the Garden update.

Tomato plants: 5ft tall! 

That's tall! fact I'm having to tie them to neighboring cages:

I used a weed vine to secure it.


 The tomato plants have gotten so big that they've been starving my favorite bell pepper plants of all sunlight.  So, I moved them.  Dug it up, and replanted.  I will be very sad if I don't get any Chocolate or Purple Beauties this year!


Check out the previous post for another hand shot like this.

And finally, a few dedicated to the most sweet lovey doggie ever: SAPPORO!!  


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Woah, check it out!

Last weekend I went camping (pics below).  When I returned I was AMAZED!  The hot hot sun seriously did some work on my plants!  Check it out!

The tomato plants are over 4 feet tall!  ...and before I left I used a little natural dish soap/water solution and sprayed where there were bugs eating the leaves -aephids I think.   I think it did the trick.  I'll post a pic soon of the technique.

This is in an off color just to show how tall they are above the stands, the ones pictured are 42in.

Some Spicy peppers, gwan!

The 2 surviving magnum sunflowers are over 2 feet tall!  The one on the left had the shell on it...remember??

 There they are again ^
  Above is Thai Basil.  It's is spreading all over the little patch...from way left to way right, 5 feet away from the mother plant, it's crazy!

 ^ Corn
 And the "weeds" that were the bain of my existence when I was digging the ground....welllll, they turned out to be lillies. *laughs

 Below is my favortite tomato plant -a little runt I planted at the last minute because I didn't want it to die.  It's super bad ass, and has a shape like a Bonsai tree, which I tried to capture...not sure if it worked though.

Okay, so Stacy TOTALLY hooked up the best pie ever!  She came over and fed the crew a whole Strawberyy-rhubarb pie, and, it was heavenly.   mmmmmmmm


Here are selected camping pics....and yes, they are Luna Moths in central Arkansas.