Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The 1st meal using garden flavors, and transplanting.

I have to say, this garden is awesome!  I haven't gotten many fruits yet, but the plants are huge!  And, the herbs are killlllin it!  So much so, that I had to utilize them in a meal the other night.   I picked up some zuchinni, a bell pepper, one jalepeno and an onion.  I joined those up with some mock abalone and brown rice, and it was pretty amazing:

 Greek Oregeno. Jamacian Spicy Rosemary. Lemon Thyme.

 Onions, sauteed -not quite caramelized, and set aside.  (a technique picked up from Mrs. Cosmic @ Make sure to check out all of her fabulous recipes!) 

This is  Mock Abalone, with sauteed Bell Pepper, Jelepeno and Garlic.  It has a dash of 5-Grain Soy (which is unreal -smells and tastes almost like Guiness or something, and has a beautiful dark, dark red hue).

I'll take a photo of my pepper technique another time, but basically get a steel pan hot hot hot with a good coating of Grape Seed oil.  Then, put in the peppers..Let them cook!  I mean cook!  It's extra fantastic if they burn a  little bit, imparts a superb roasted pepper flavor!  When they are nice and done throw in the Mock Meat and garlic.  *oh, there is a sprinkling of cashews, too!

Brown Rice
Zuchinni, onion -which I added to the Zuch when it was almost done, and the herbs!

Bomb Apatite

NOW, the Garden update.

Tomato plants: 5ft tall! 

That's tall! fact I'm having to tie them to neighboring cages:

I used a weed vine to secure it.


 The tomato plants have gotten so big that they've been starving my favorite bell pepper plants of all sunlight.  So, I moved them.  Dug it up, and replanted.  I will be very sad if I don't get any Chocolate or Purple Beauties this year!


Check out the previous post for another hand shot like this.

And finally, a few dedicated to the most sweet lovey doggie ever: SAPPORO!!  


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