Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend: Bikerise, New Plants and Dogs & Cats

Memorial Day weekend is the first weekend of Summer.  It is meant as a reminder for those that served our country, and also, a way to initiate the excitement and active lifestyle of the temperate (ie, Humid) season.  Family, Friends, and Fun Outdoors is what it's all about.  This entry is dedicated to those ideas.

Since I love my critters so much....

And BEHOLD! ...The Shadow Panther!  Meow!

Yeah, she's super skinny, but will get bigger...

And here is the Garden update:

The main plot's spinach and beet portion didn't do anything, so I'm planting  flowers instead.  A couple pretty ones, then I'll get marigolds to fend of the pests!

 These 3 are the Anise Hyssop.  I'm not sure what it's going to do, but the leaves smell great.

^^ The new fluers...

Memorial Day started very nicely.   ...and early morning bike ride, affectionately called a Bikerise, was excellent!  It was part excersise, part good company, and part urban adventure!

And, of course, what would Memorial Day be without some WATERMELON!!

Be Well.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Clips of Faith, and Fruits! ...and a kitty entry

The weekend is off to a great start!  (big garden news below!)  I guess it started last night with the New Belgian Brewery's "Clips of Faith".  It was presented by BikeWalkKC...and was basically an equation for a great night: Bikes + Beer = Good.

 That's the Beer Marquis! 

 If I recall correctly, these are the Grand Cru and Paula's Pale Ale


SO.....Garden Stuff!  I went to the alley this morning before work -which is actually one of my favorite things to do- to check things out...and woah! I couldn't believe it!!

The first fruits!, well, peppers, but whatever!

The peppers that are popping right now are Fat N Sassy's ....

   This is chopped up dog food for The Shadow Panther.  (I just named her)  She is a cute little grey kitty.  When I moved in over the winter she should hang out on this big tree limb, checking things out with her pretty silver eyes.  The woman whom used to live above me fed and took care of her.  She  has since moved out, and I hadn't seen he cat in a while...until my buddy Lawrence moved in, and she began going to the 2nd level porch looking for food.   SO, I obliged.  ...she just looked so skinny, hungry and kinda sketched out.  She's on a chopped up dog food diet for now...and she loves it!   (gotta get a pic, I know!)