Monday, May 23, 2011

Back From Vacation, Back to the Alley...eventually

I'm Back!  I went to Florida for some R&R, and it was both...and at the same time it was the complete opposite. Ya know, it's hard to have a curfew when places stay open all night!!  I went to visit one of my best friends, and it was awesome.  

Check it out:

 Beer Tasting!
 Miami...and a bird
 The Delano Hotel.  So pretty
 Warehouse Sounds...

 The Orchid Tree
 Light house on Biscayne
 Homemade Lasagna from G, at Kimmi & Linda's place
 Biscayne Historicale


It was a great, cathartic trip.  Met SO many great people....

...and coming home to rainy 50 degree days wasn't the coolest thing ever, but it's nice now.

When I got back, there was any time to waste...and there wasn't much time for the garden either.  I played a couple shows, and was involved with a couple Bicycling events:  The Crossroads Community Association's 2nd Annual Bike In Movie! ...and... the Tour de Brew, where I was the history teacher stationed at the old Lemp Brewery Depot at 20th & McGee.

Here's photos of the BIM:

MST3K Stylie!

..and the Tour de Brew:

 That's Brent from the Missouri Bike & Pedestrian Foundation
 These friends, Lawrence and Whitney kept me hydrated during my history lesson set breaks!
 Afterparty @ Knuckleheads 

 Me & Chef Kemal!  From Yummy's Choice!!

 This one is for my little 4-yr old homie Ashton...need to frame it!

While I was gone the garden grew a ton, but we lost most of the Magnum Sunflowers.  This is kinda a bummer since I was excited for them, but it's okay...I may get some more seeds and see what can happen.

So, back to the Garden!

The tomato plants, Kentucky mint, anise hyssop and the cutting celery logged the most's some highlights!

 Just Before I left on vaca

 These are random blue corns I planted in a mulch pile....let's see how they do!
 Blue Corn doin good!
 Spinach, not so good...
 These tomato plants are going to be monsters!

Remember the pic of Sapporo eating the grass on the stump??  Well, check out how much it's grown!!

 Anise Hyssop

 The Herb Garden/Plot II
 You see that church?  You see that saw?? Before the saw happened the church was hidden behind weed trees....shown below, cut and leaning against the fence

This is a neighbor's Peony party!

See you soon


  1. wow!! There sure is a lot in this blog! Florida looks amazing! The garden looks great! The bike-in movie looks like it turned out fabulous! The pic of Lawrence and Whitney is nice, too!! Good work fella!! :)