Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Back from Nebraska

I just got back from a little work ditty in Nebraska.  Good trip, and very hot. Got some great photos of a bunch of random stuff....I think I need another bloggy blog for that.

 It's been 36 hours since I checked the plants...and WOAH! Huge growth!! ...relatively ; ) Check it out

                                                                     Mini corn row
                                                                 Main Plot Magnum Sunflower
                                                                 Tomato Blossom
                                                                  Bell Pepper Blossom
                                                                              Bell Pepper Buds
                                          Herb Plot Magnum Sunflower.....still coming out of its shell

Kentucky Mint

                                                    A new sunflower...Next to the Herb Plot

I can't wait for these sunflower to get huge!

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