Tuesday, May 10, 2011



It's been a couple weeks.  I've enjoying the mornings too -watering with my 2 gallon jug, back and forth from my kitchen to the alley since I don't have a hose!   Yes, this will be a pain in the ass, but since there is no hose  I will just believe that I'm doing extra work to conserve water j!

There was  a lot of new growth this weekend!  Check it out!

These are from seeds that were germinated in wet paper towels for a few days...

                                                                   Mini Blue Corn Row

                                                                    Magnum Sunflower Plot 1
                                                               (should get up to 15 feet)

                                                                   Giant Noble Spinach

                                 Planted in the rock bed just for fun to see what would happen...

Here's how the seedlings are doing:

                                                       Tomato Lattice Plot 1

Lemon Thyme Stump, Herb Plot

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