Monday, May 9, 2011

Planting Day

16 APRIL    (it's actually May 9, but until I post the photos from this morning everything will be in present-past tense)

**My sister's Birthday!

Sunshine was here.  I had an idea about the little alley way plots I thought would be best for little gardens. First step:  Ask the neighbors if it's okay if use the land on the Alley-side of their fence!  They weren't at first, but after I left a note and met Grant, he gave me the go ahead.  Super chill dude, super nice family.  The paycheck was still active in my account, and the weather was perfect, so today was the day to get the things I needed:  Shovel. Twisty Tiller tool, Metal rake and a little hand shovel. Tools first, then plants.

When I got back, and got to digging I realized this would be a little bit of a process.  Thankfully it was still early. The coffee was brilliant this morning -single origin Ethiopian Nikkese Limma from Revocup (  also, check out their blog:   As a side note, this little coffee shop has the best selection of single origin coffees in the Kansas City metro, hands down.  Personally chosen beans, and hand roasting... unbelievable.

Back at it.  Digging, and realizing I needed something a bit more powerful than a I got a hatchet!

Below are the pics, and as you can, rocks, stumps, weeds, and these tubular plants the have become my nemesis, enough so that I've re-dug some spots on the main plot because they grew back -musta missed some!

                                                                          Stump 1.
                                    I've planted a variety of thyme in the looks pretty cool.


                                                                Plot 2: Herbs
                   (mostly, tho as an update I've planted random spinach in the rocks and so on!)

                                                               ^ NEMESES !!

        These are the Garden Guards, Break and Sapporo.  A Father & Son Boxer duo!  They're awesome!


                                                           This is Plot 1.  The biggest of them.

A little bit on my technique.  I don't know what other people do, but an old neighbor, Jumba aka John Haygaru showed me what he was raised doing in Tanzania.  You till the ground, then build it up so it forms a plateau   This is a great way to conserve water and protect your plants from some weeds.

Land tilled, and it was off to Planter's!

Planters is one of the great places in Kansas City to get good, wholesome, local plant products.  Family run, and they know what's up!    (

I got a few tomatos, bell pepper plants, and herbs -pretty much what I spend the most money on at the grocery store.  Yes, $2 / pepper on sale is a bit ridiculous.

Here is the next step:

Here's Sapporo being a rascal and eating grass:

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